"Two years before
my first visit to Amsterdam
I had a dream about being
high up in the dark interior of
a structure looking down and out
through a slot into a square
surrounded by trees.
When I arrived and took
the tram up Damrak from
Centraal Station, I recognized
this spot, so several days later,
I came back with a friend
and paid the admission to enter
the strange three story tall spiral
structure that was set up here
at that time. We walked up inside it
and I was able to show my friend
both the vantage point and the view
that I'd seen in my dream.
The ticket taker, one of 35 artists
who designed and built 'Drol Droom',
told me that they had created the
design for the structure
two years before my trip."


October 21, 1996

photo © 1997 the archive of light