In the fall of 1995 I visited Italy and before I went I spent a couple months learning a few words of Italian. It was fun to learn even a little bit of a new language and it turned out to be useful to be able to read train schedules, street signs, placards in museums, and to try being polite in stores and restaurants. I also found that simply knowing how to count is a very useful skill in any language.

When it came time to choose a domain name for my web pages, I thought it would be a good idea to choose an interesting name that didn't have anything to do with my software engineering work, so after selecting and discarding hundreds of words which either were already used as domains or vigorously vetoed by friends, I chose zenzero, which is the Italian word for ginger root. The fact that the pickled ginger they serve in sushi restaurants is one of my favorite foods, and that I spent years doing meditation made the zen reference an added bonus. I figured that it would serve as an umbrella name, under which I could publish and produce anything on the web.


ginger candy
photo © 1997 the archive of light